California Suspended License – Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my license get suspended?

There are four categories of offenses that result in a license suspension.

  1. Excessive Points (4 or more points within 1 calendar year.)
  2. DUI
  3. Medical Reexamination
  4. Lack of Knowledge (In regards to traffic laws)

How do I get my license unsuspended?

By contacting the Driver Safety section of the DMV to request a hearing within a limited period of time.

Why do I need an Attorney to handle my suspended license?

There are many reasons why your license can be suspended. For things like failure to appear, excessive points/negligent operator, DUI or others. It is advised to seek legal council for these proceedings so that you have proper guidance. An attorney can appear in court for you or contact the DMV to resolve these problems as quickly as possible.