Last year in the State of California there were over 3,600 Traffic related deaths – while this represents a figure lower than the national average of 65 deaths per 100,000 people it is still a tragedy.
If you have been involved in an incident or you, or someone you love is a victim of a traffic accident, we at Road Justice are here to help.

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If you have been involved in an automobile accident with a truck, car, motorcycle or any other vehicle there are legal requirements to observe in the state of California.
According to California Vehicle code – it is mandatory to file a report with California Highway Patrol or your local police within 24 hours if anyone is injured or killed in a vehicle accident.
It is also mandatory to report a car accident to the DMV within 10 days if:

  • The accident has resulted in a fatality
  • The accident has resulted in an injury – regardless of how slight the injury may be
  • The monetary cost of damage is equal to or greater than $1000

Failure to report an accident may lead to suspension of your drivers’ licence, multiple fines, criminal prosecution, and possible incarceration. If you are involved in an automobile accident in California, our Team of expert Traffic attorneys are here to Help. Guiding you in meeting the mandatory reporting requirements and any issues that may arise from your report.

Accident Victims – we are here to Help You – we understand the impact a traffic accident can have on your life. The burden of loss of income, ongoing medical expenses and treatment, the cost of time dealing with insurance companies and the stress placed upon you and your loved ones.
Whether you have experienced personal physical injury or property damage - our role is to ensure you are adequately compensated for any pain, suffering or loss and our experienced team of Attorneys will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you without any initial outlay.

At Road Justice – our Automobile Accident Attorneys work on a contingency basis and there are no upfront costs for you to be concerned about.

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