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At Road Justice our team of Attorneys have extensive experience with DMV Hearings and are waiting to assist you.
Our team will guide you through the process, including submitting DMV Paperwork, representing you in contesting and reviewing evidence and witnesses. Supporting you in presenting any further testimony and to enable you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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If you or a family member or friend are facing Suspended License or have received notice from the DMV – we at Road Justice are here to help.

In the state of California, the most common reason for license suspension is a DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or driving under the influence of drugs including prescription drugs, marijuana or any other illegal drug. The California Department of Motor Vehicles can revoke or suspend your license for a number of reasons. Some examples of these are:

  • Being uninsured and involved in an accident
  • Refusing a chemical test
  • Failure to appear (FA)
  • Failure to pay a traffic ticket
  • Accumulation of points on your driving record - "NOTS" (Negligent Operator Treatment System)

Regardless of your reason for having a Suspended Licence, or your your reason for DMV involvement, we at Road Justice are here to assist you.

There are cases where a license suspension is mandatory and our role in those cases would be one of navigating you through the Suspended License Reinstatement and DMV paperwork & protocols that go along with this. When the DMV uses its discretionary powers to suspend or revoke your License, and therefor your ability to legally drive, you have the right to request a DMV hearing. It is mandatory that you submit this request within 10 days of receiving your notice. So Act Now!
If you have already received a license Suspension or Revocation – once the period of your suspended license or revoked license ends, you are eligible to apply to have your driving privileges reinstated.

We at Road Justice are with you all the way from your initial request for DMV Hearing through to any administrative or appellate reviews deemed necessary. We will guide you through the Suspended License Reinstatement procedure to minimize the impact and effect on your life.
Remember, while your suspension or revocation is in place you are unable to lawfully operate a motor vehicle and doing so may lead to hefty fines, up to one year in jail and the possibility of your motor vehicle being impounded. So, Act Now – our Team of Specialized Traffic Attorneys are waiting to assist you.


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