What Are Traffic Misdemeanors?

Traffic offenses that are no dangerous and are nothing more than driving violations are called “infractions.” However, some traffic offenses can be seen as misdemeanors.

Such acts as (but not limited to):

Misdemeanors vary across the states, with some misdemeanors costing the violator around $10,000 plus some time in jail.

Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses

How Are Traffic Offenses Classified?

Depending on the traffic offense, it will vary. If the traffic offense is non-dangerous, than the likely outcome will be that the person will receive a ticket.
However, if the traffic offense has violated a serious offense such as seeing, switching lanes, or a hit and run, the person will then be taken in for that reckless and dangerous driving.
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI & DWI) are also severe offenses that in some cases lead to time in prison.
The punishment for certain misdemeanors comes under the discretion of the court.

Are There Certain Times Where Traffic Offenses Are Provoked By Third-Parties?

What do we mean by this?

There are also situations where people may be FORCED or COERCED into certain traffic offenses, which they would not have done otherwise. For example, a person who is held by gunpoint to drive to a specific location at high speeds would not necessarily be in violation of the law.

In a situation like this, when a person is being forced to go over the speed limit, it is not uncommon for them to not be punished by the law as they were being forced to commit the offense under threat of injury.


Should A Person Hire a Lawyer if They Have Committed a Traffic Offense?

The idea of hiring a lawyer will be determinate upon the severity of the traffic offense. If it is a small offense that results in a ticket, you will be able to fight that yourself, however here at Road Justice, we pride ourselves on having a ticket dismissal rate of over 70%!
For best results you should definitely hire an Attorney. The benefits of doing so will be immediately visible and will outweigh the monetary repercussions you will potentially face in court.
Did you know that Road Justice offers Free Consultations? Get in contact with us and we’ll discuss your options, no matter the case.


The More You Know

It is essential to do as much research as you can in regards to the laws in YOUR state, as each state operates under their local laws which differ state to state.
The more knowledgeable you are about your state and the traffic laws, the better you will be able to follow them, and if need be, fight back for your Road Justice.